September 15, 2021

Today our numbers were up over recent weeks – we served 126 families, with 38 deliveries and in-person pickups for 88 households, most of them seemingly in a very busy first half hour. Our enthusiastic and energetic teens were back in the classroom, which left us older volunteers to do more shlepping and our families themselves pitching in.

This week we received two grants, both very welcome. We were awarded $3000 from Giving Circle of Lower Westchester, a volunteer, grassroots not-for-profit organization whose member donations go directly to fund hunger relief; the grant will cover some of the costs of reconfiguring our operation so that South Presbyterian Church could resume in-person services. In the 15 months that worship was virtual-only, the Pantry had come to rely on the sanctuary, and we purchased shelving, tables, and screens so as to move off the pews and into other spaces. The second generous grant came from The Peluso Family Foundation.

With the start of school came the return of bounty from the Dobbs Ferry schools: fresh
produce from the Springhurst garden, packaged single-serve cafeteria leftovers, and the results from a food drive at the end of the last school year that finally found their way to us! And Stop & Shop donated eight cases of food.

She’s back! Today our families welcomed the return of volunteer extraordinaire Ellen Flaks, back from a paying gig at a summer camp to oversee her table of fabulous freebies. Over time, Ellen has come to know who likes what and has it ready, along with a cheery greeting, as they approach. It’s no accident that the Freebie table is such a big draw that we’ve made it the last stop on the circuit.

Dine Out for a Cause. Now, coming from Louisiana I don’t need an excuse to pick up a Shrimp Po’ Boy from Hudson Social. But in case y’all do, you should know that next Tuesday, September 21, Hudson Social (in the old train station) will donate 15% to the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Eat in or take out. I know someone who plans to stop in for breakfast and return for dinner. I plan to take my po’ boy to the park for lunch. I’m pretty sure there’s something on the menu for you.

Looking ahead, we plan similar fundraising partnerships with one local restaurant a month. Next up on October 21st: The Bit (formerly The Rare Bit).

What we need most: size 5 & 6 diapers, adult diapers, canned fruits.

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