September 22, 2021

What makes a community? We see it every week at the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry. Our amazing volunteers take pride in arranging each table with love, wanting our clients to feel like they are at a farmers market. The bonds are strong between the volunteers and this community in need.  They know the volunteers by name and continually thank us with “God Bless You”. But we’ve already been blessed by knowing this beautiful, gracious community that just needs a helping hand.

Hudson Social rocked the Pantry this week! On Tuesday 9/21, Hudson Social donated 15% of their profits to the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry. The food was amazing, the drinks were delicious and the company was wonderful…all for a fantastic cause!  The Bit is up next on Thursday 10/21, also donating 15% of profits to the Pantry. Have some fun and please make a reservation at The Bit for you and your friends. We are looking forward to engaging all our local restaurants to participate throughout the year. 

How are you celebrating your birthday this year? 

Harry Greenberg set a great example! Through the Share Your Wish Foundation, 4-year-old Harry’s birthday wish was to make a charitable donation to the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry. With the help of his friends, Harry contributed $85.68!  Well, it’s not just for 4-year-olds. Instead of birthday gifts for her 65th this year, Deborah Fantone asked her friends via social media to send diapers for the Pantry. Before long she was inundated with boxes of diapers from around the country! These examples of selflessness and generosity are amazing!

Dave Hudson brought us a carload of goodies this week, collected by the members of the Dobbs Ferry Lutheran Church. These acts of kindness and generosity, as those from Temple Beth Shalom, Springhurst Garden, Woodlands Community Temple and the Dobbs Ferry Garden Club, are all so very much appreciated!

Thanks also goes to Mom’s Organic Market, The Shop in Ardsley, New York Bagel Authority, Panera and Stop & Shop for their continuous support.

This week’s newsletter written by former Disney exec promoted to Outdoor Manager of the Pantry, Donna Assumma,

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