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October 2022

It all started with an observation. In 2011, some parents noticed that quite a few of the Dobbs Ferry students qualified for free or reduced-price school meals, and they wondered if these children were getting enough food to eat at home.  The parents were part of SPRING Community Partners, a nonprofit that provides resources soContinue reading “October 2022”

September 2022

Hey Neighbors – Autumn’s in the air! Here at the Pantry we love the fall breeze, colorful leaves, and support for our community! We’re so grateful to Stop & Shop, MOM’S Organic Market, Panera, The Shop Ardsley, and New York Bagel Authority for their wide variety of wonderful donations every week! A very special thanksContinue reading “September 2022”

August 2022

Everything seems to slow down for the lazy, hot days of August. But that’s not the case at the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry. Our number of clients continues to hover around 100 families each week, including about 8 Ukrainian families who have fled their country since the war started. One to 2 new families joinContinue reading “August 2022”

July 2022

Certain foods remind us of home—a place and a time in life—food that is shared around a table with people we love. For the families who fled the war in Ukraine and now stand in line at our pantry, they long for bowls of borscht, varenyky (dumplings), kasha and semolina for making breakfast porridge. AndContinue reading “July 2022”


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