August 4, 2021

This week’s distribution on Wednesday, August 4th, fed 100 families, representing 363 individuals (including 41 deliveries). 

We are grateful to all of you who contributed to the donation of food and supplies dropped off food this week at the Food Pantry, including:

  • Ardsley United Methodist Church.  Our contact wheelman, Ken Stahn, had Pastor Calvin Collins riding shotgun last Monday morning as they unloaded an SUV jammed with the results of the Church’s July 31st food drive.
  • Judy Connolly of Cabrini of Westchester stopped by with several boxes filled with shelf-stable food, diapers, various hygiene products.

The availability of our regular volunteers fluctuates throughout the summer months.  That’s especially true this summer when many volunteers’ families are meeting together for the first time since the Covid-19 Pandemic began.  But it’s still a time when demand for what we provide remains stronger.  Even though our latest numbers represent a significant decrease for the year to date, they are three times higher than our Pre-Pandemic averages. 

That’s What Friends Are For

And just when we think there are no more troops to help, that’s when our Terrific Teens ride to the rescue when needed most as they were this week.

Exhibit A: 

Roxana Melchor, Ashley Peralta, Sylvie Hoffman did it all: sorted and stored donations, moved food inventory outside, helped clients with their groceries, and discovered the one and only thing those crummy plastic bristle brooms they make these days are any good for.

And all our thanks to Anthony, Devin, Kieran, Suraj and Zach!  And a special-shout out to Anthony Corradina, who showed up early Monday morning to help prepare for major food deliveries when there was no one else on the bench.

Yes, It’s Fresh! 

Over the past 12 months, our Produce and Inventory teams have exponentially expanded the variety and quality of the fresh fruits and vegetables our clients receive to enhance healthy, balanced nutrition.  And we now have a terrific selection of bakery items to pick and choose from, staffed by Kristy Fitzgerald and Zina Zaino. (Photos by Ellen Crane Photography).

YOU’VE HEARD IT BEFORE: Our most needed donation items are: Size 4, 5 and 6 diapers and baby wipes, peanut butter in plastic jars, tomato sauce in plastic jars and cans of tuna.  And money.  We never say no to money.

This weeks blog authored by Duke Coffey – pantry volunteer

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