July 28, 2021

This week’s distribution on July 28th fed 163 families, representing 587 individuals (including 42 deliveries).  The totals include 23 families representing 90 people served at our nighttime session.

We at the Food Pantry are continually amazed at the ways in which our sources of donated food and funds work their way to meet the weekly needs of our clients despite the vagaries of vacations, economics, weather and health emergencies.

Of course, these things don’t happen just by themselves.  It always starts with you, the individuals, who make this all happen by your singular donations or by participating in food drives. Our amazement lies in the differing pathway that emerge that ultimately connect your intentions with our clients’ needs.

Our goal is not simply to provide the basic “Box and a Bag” of shelf stable food and fresh fruit and vegetables that families need to maintain basic nutrition.  We – you, actually – go beyond that to provide other things that allow those in need to expand the variety and nutritional balance that supports good health.

Take bread, for example, a basic food we received irregularly and one that’s difficult for us to store for once-a-week distribution.  Thanks to the combined efforts of Panera Bread (Scarsdale), The Shop (Ardsley) and NY Bagel (Dobbs Ferry), we now have a table at which clients can select a variety of bread, bagels, rolls and sometimes even pastry from the same stores who have decided to join their customers in supporting the FP.

Similar supply miracles continue to happen this past week:

  • Lenora Cohen and Elmwood Day Camp made the second of three scheduled donations, dropping off several boxes of food.
  • Another delivery by Aldersgate Methodist Church of Dobbs Ferry made by a man who slips away before anyone can thank him.
  • A bag of food from a mother who said she wanted to help because of the great experience her teenage son recently had working as a volunteer for us.
  • And thanks to each and every one who has donated to us – at our table at the Jazz Forum each Wednesday evening (great time, great music), at Stop ‘n Shop’s food donation bins, through local restaurants, and also from those area organizations who provide the bulk of our Variable Inventory.

If you are reading this, then you’ve found all the ways in which you can help us provide the things we need. 

MOST NEEDED ITEMS: Size 4, 5 and 6 diapers and baby wipes, peanut butter in plastic jars, tomato sauce in plastic jars and cans of tuna.

This weeks blog written by pantry volunteer Duke Coffey.

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