August 11, 2021

Hey hey from the Food Pantry!

Today, in sweltering heat and dealing with the overbearing sun, our volunteers serviced 123 families amounting to 431 people, and made 39 deliveries to families homes. This is an increase from last week and additionally, today we saw new families join and register for the pantry.

We would like to extend our gratitude to The Panera Bread Company for the generous and extremely helpful donation of breads, pastries and baked goods. Additionally, our thanks goes to The Dobbs Ferry Bagel Authority and The Shop in Ardsley for providing us yet again with plenty of bagels to distribute to our families. To me, “Stocked” is an emotion evoking word; and at the food pantry it can mean a meal, a loaf of bread, or a chance at making it through the week. With the help of these three businesses I am beyond happy to be able to write that this week’s bread table was stocked and abundant. 

Special thanks yet again to Sara Selliti for providing the pantry with fantastic herbs and vegetables from the Springhurst Community Gardens! This coupled with her great help in collection and distribution of diapers for children makes Sara an invaluable asset to the pantry.

This week we had a great showing from our high school volunteers! 

Students including Dylan Lucasey and Emma Iframoff helped in communication with families. And in particular, Emma’s fluency in Russian impressed everyone and assisted in our ability to help out our non english speaking families. Biliteracy is a unique and special ability extremely valued at the pantry, we are so lucky to have a surplus of volunteers speaking more than their native language. 

After a little over a year of volunteering at the pantry, there are many niche pantry things that invigorate me and fill me with joy. Things like having to spend a lot of time bringing produce bags out, knowing that the reason it’s taking so long is because there’s just so much we have to give. Things like, when the pantry closes down for the day we have so much left over that volunteers offer leftover food to other volunteers because they know it’ll go bad and every family has been fed. Like I said, “Stocked” is a beautiful word. 

Written By: Adam Galland, a High School Volunteer in Dobbs Ferry, seen below doing quality control on the Panera pastries.

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