October 31, 2019

Good afternoon, everybody – yesterday in the morning we served 33 families with 62 adults, 46 children and 13 seniors for a total of 113 people.  Then in the evening we served another 18 families including 37 adults, 28 children and 6 seniors for a total of 73 people.  So, altogether we served 51 families with 99 adults, 74 children and 19 seniors, which comes to a total of 186 people.  In the month of October we served an average of 35 families a week and 122 people a week.

          Through Share Your Wish, another child has collected money for the pantry instead of gifts for her sixth birthday.  In choosing the pantry, the little girl said “food is something people can’t live without.”.   And her father’s company will match the gift!  What a thoughtful, generous thing for a six-year-old, and her family, to do!  It makes me feel good about the next generation.
          This past Tuesday we received a huge donation of food collected by the Kids Can campaign at Springhurst School.  The Kids Can campaign has been running for several years at Springhurst, and this year Nola Kende Long and Sharon McCann-Doyle organized the entire endeavor.  And it’s a huge endeavor, which takes place three times a year.  My hat is off to Nola and Sharon, and to all the people who helped them and will help them throughout the year.  That food is so important to us, and a large part of it was given out this past Wednesday!
          We also received a lot of food from the Irvington Library and from St. Barnabas in Ardsley.  Thanks so much to everybody who keeps us in mind and to everybody who collects it and brings it to us.
          We’re gearing up for the holidays.  We like to give a Stop & Shop gift card to our clients for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  That way they can buy whatever they want, whether it’s turkey or something else.  We’ll also have pies for them and something else for Christmas.

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