October 23, 2019

Good evening, everybody – today we served a total of 36 families with 73 adults, 51 children and 15 seniors, totaling 139 people.

          This coming Tuesday will be a bonus day for us.  We’re getting the first of three food donations from the Kids Can program at Springhurst.  They’ve been helping us ever since we opened, and the parents who lead the program change but the donations continue on, and we rely on them.  We’re looking forward to this first delivery.
          And at the same time we’ll be getting our monthly supply of fresh produce from Feeding Westchester.  So, we’ll be very busy on Tuesday at South Church.
          Speaking of South Church, I’ll be meeting this Sunday with the children from our Faith and Justice Learning Lab to show them the pantry and talk with them about the impact of hunger and food insecurity on families in our community.  The children will range in age from kindergarten to fifth grade, and they’ll bring food to help stock our pantry.  They’ll be learning what it means to be unsure of where your next meal will come from, and how that impacts on your ability to get along in the world.

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