November 6, 2019

Good evening, everybody – today we served 36 families with 71 adults, 52 children and 16 seniors.  This brought us to a total of 139 people.

          The South Church teen group will be making pies for our clients, which we’ll give out the day before Thanksgiving.  Not only that, but their leader, Lenore, wants each member of the group to pull out of a jar a “persona”, which will describe in a few words the circumstances a person might find themselves in which would lead them to seek help from a food pantry.  The teen would then mentally put themselves into that persona’s shoes for a little while, just to see how it feels to be food-insecure.  This is part of South Church’s Faith and Justice goal of helping the children in the church to see places where justice is needed in the world.
          During the month of November Stop & Shop is selling $2.50 tote bags with the words “give back” on them.  If you buy a bag (or two), take it home and go to the Stop & Shop website to enter the unique identifier which appears on the bag you bought, you’ll get a list of local charities, including the food pantry.  You can then choose a charity and that charity will get $1.00 of the $2.50 you spent.  Hopefully people on this list, who are the people who care about us, will do this for us this month.  Thank you in advance!
          One of our clients has a grandchild who suffers from failure to thrive.  She’s tiny for her age and isn’t growing properly.  We’ve been providing our client with Pediasure for the girl, and the client says she’s grown and has gained weight as a result of drinking the Pediasure.  Another of our volunteers, on his own, provides a client with Boost because, due to illness, this is one of the few ways she can nourish herself.  We’re happy that our clients can be helped this way.  There’s more than one way to nourish a food-insecure client.
          This past weekend we received another twenty dozen eggs from the Hastings Farmers’ Market.  We don’t know exactly whom to thank, but the people who run the farmers’ market are a wonderful and caring group of people.

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