May 30, 2019

Good evening, everybody – yesterday we served 31 families during the day, including 60 adults, 45 children and 13 seniors.  Then at night, despite the pouring rain, we served another 9 families with 19 adults, 20 children and 2 seniors.  That brought us to a total of 40 families including 79 adults, 65 children and 15 seniors.  We served 158 people yesterday.  For the month of May we averaged 41 families a week and 146 people a week.

          Our CSA will begin on June 9.  We’ll be getting two shares a week, plus whatever leftovers the farmer can let us have.  This has been a big success for us in other years, and we’re looking forward to another summer of fresh fruits and vegetables from both the CSA and the Roots & Wings garden.  We’re already starting to receive some herbs and early kale from the garden.  Thanks to all the Roots & Wings volunteers, who set aside a section of the garden for the pantry.  On Wednesday mornings we go out and harvest whatever the garden has to offer that week and hand it right over to the clients.
           We received our last Kids Can collection of food from Springhurst.  We received a huge amount of food, as we always do from Springhurst, and a lot of it has been given out already.  This year we’ve been serving more people, and we have three families who can’t come to the pantry but to whom we deliver food.  One of our volunteers delivers Ensure to a woman who, due to illness, can’t eat a lot of our foods.  He’s a very kind person who provides the Ensure out of his pocket.  That’s what volunteering is all about – do what you can whenever you can.
          I got a charming e-mail from a fourth-grade teacher at Springhurst.  She said her class is studying “how do volunteers help our community?”, and they’ve studied our website!  She said the students would like to visit the pantry and see how we do things.  I wrote back and said we’d be glad to meet with the students.  We have to find a day and time that works for everybody, and Benny and I, and maybe a couple of other volunteers, will show them around.  I suggested that each student also bring some shelf-stable food with them so that they can stock the pantry.  And together we’ll check the foods to be sure they haven’t expired.  That way they can teach their parents the importance of checking expiration dates.


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