June 5, 2019

Good afternoon, everyone – today we served 38 families, including 67 adults, 38 children and 15 seniors, for a total of 120 people.  We signed up three new clients today, two from Greenburgh and one from here in Dobbs Ferry.

          We’re excited that the CSA will be starting this coming Sunday.  From now on until the fall we’ll have fresh produce, both from the CSA and from the Roots and Wings garden.  In fact, this morning we already were able to offer lettuce, kale and several herbs from the garden.  We’re lucky that Marc volunteers with us every Wednesday, manages the Roots and Wings garden and will be signing people in at the CSA every Sunday as well.
          This coming Tuesday will be the day we’ll be visited by Ms. Giuliano’s fourth-grade class from Springhurst.  They’ll learn how a food pantry works, and they’ll interview a couple of volunteers in order to learn what it means to be a volunteer and how we help the community.  The children will be bringing food for us as well.  Springhurst is a very community-minded school.
          And this coming Wednesday South Church will be hosting a luncheon for clergy and others from the community to discuss the campaign to establish a sanctuary apartment in the church so that immigrant families can find safety, refuge and solidarity while they fight their cases in court.  If anybody on this list would like to attend that luncheon on June 12 at 12:30 p.m. you can RSVP to Kay O’Keefe of South Church at 914-382-6363 or ctbok322@gmail.com.

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