May 22, 2019

Good evening, everybody – today we served 45 families, including 77 adults, 54 children and 24 seniors, for a total of 155 people.

          This past Saturday was the Spring Community Partners’ Spring children’s clothing boutique at South Church.  The members of Spring Community Partners collect clothing all year in order to offer these free boutiques twice a year, and they’re well-attended.  It takes hours the day before to arrange all the clothing according to size, etc., and the next morning the clothes disappear within an hour or so.  It’s a very merry event, and everybody goes home happy, including the exhausted parents and other members.  Spouses and children help out with putting the boutique together as well.  They’ve been doing these boutiques for years, so the members operate like a well-oiled machine.
          Our CSA starts on June 9!  We ordered two shares, so we should have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables every week for our clients until the fall.  And we’re already receiving herbs from the Roots & Wings community garden behind the church.  Plus today Marc brought us tiny kale as well.
          We’re aware that more and more stores and other places are getting rid of plastic bags.  In order to do our part to help the environment, we’ve decided that, beginning July 1, we’ll stop offering plastic bags for our clients to take food home.  Instead, we’ll invest in reusable tote bags from Trader Joe’s or someplace.  We give out reusable tote bags during holiday seasons anyway, so this will enable our clients to respect the environment by using only reusable bags for their food.

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