March 6, 2019

Good afternoon, everybody – today we served 32 families, including 57 adults, 45 children and 14 seniors.  We served 117 people today.

     Deacon Sharon Brennan from Dobbs Ferry Lutheran Church was with us again today, and we put her to work.  For one thing, Carol Seischab arrived with boxes and bags of food from Zion Episcopal Church and Dobbs Ferry Lutheran, and Sharon helped Carol and Eric sort through the food and put everything away.  It’s wonderful to have someone whose mission is to help the pantry in whatever way she can.
     The sanctuary at South Church is pretty much finished.  On and off during the pantry we all dropped in to the sanctuary and admired the painters’ work.  It’s beautiful!  We’ll be having services in the sanctuary instead of Fellowship Hall soon, and hopefully by next week our clients can sit in the sanctuary again to wait their turn.  The clients have been nothing but cooperative about waiting in the music room with artist volunteer Stephanie Buck, and in fact I imagine some of them were drawn into working on projects with Stephanie just because they were siting there.
     Over the last three Sundays I’ve attended services at Dobbs Ferry Lutheran, Ardsley Methodist and Zion Episcopal.  We love them all.
     There’s still a chance to order tickets for the South Church teen benefit at South Church’s website –  Those teens are fantastic performers and the food will be delicious.  And the money goes to help the teens travel to needy countries and help in whatever way they are able.
     Clocks go forward Saturday.  The warmth of Spring can’t be far behind.

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