February 28, 2019

Good afternoon, everybody – yesterday in the morning we served 35 families with 66 adults, 42 children and 11 seniors.  Then in the evening we served another 8 families, including 18 adults, 14 children and 2 seniors.  This brought us to a total of 43 families, 84 adults, 56 children and 13 seniors for the day.  We served 153 people yesterday.  For the  month of February we averaged 34 families per week and 117 people a week.

        Rob Baron and his associates (including me) have continued obtaining signatures on petitions to get the Route 6 bus’s route changed to include stops along Cedar and Main in Dobbs Ferry.  At the Village Board meeting this past Tuesday Rob made a thorough and impressive presentation, and the Board voted to okay the change.  It won’t take place until the fall due to whatever procedures they have to go through, but all our efforts paid off.  I was involved because many of our pantry clients live in downtown Dobbs Ferry, and they have to try to duck across Broadway in order to try and catch the bus.  Now they can get the bus close to where they live.
        On Saturday, March 23 at 7:00 p.m. the South Presbyterian teen group will have a musical benefit to support their scholarship fund for teens to travel to needy countries in order to help with projects going on in those countries.  Two teens have already gone to the Dominican Republic, and there are other countries they’d like to visit to see how they can help.  Tickets are $30 and you can order them at www.southpres.org.  Or let me know and I’ll put you in touch with the right people.  Dinner will be served by our chefs, Peter, Alex and Eric.  I’ve seen these teens perform and they’re amazing!
        Deacon Sharon Brennan from Dobbs Ferry Lutheran Church visited the pantry yesterday, just to see how we work, what goes on, and how best she can help us.  As a deacon, she’s going to make the pantry her mission.  Thank you so much, Sharon and DFLC.  One of the ways we’re thinking that she might help would be in locating senior citizens and disabled people who might need food but can’t get to the pantry.  We’d be glad to drop off food to those people as long as they need it.
        Another group of angels are the Ardsley United Methodist Women’s group.  They operate a thrift shop every Thursday from 10:00 to 2:00, and they’re planning on allocating some of the proceeds to help the pantry.  They work hard at that thrift shop.  I was there this morning, and it was a busy place, and we at the pantry are grateful that they’re keeping us in mind as people find things to buy.
        By the way, there’s also a thrift shop at Zion Episcopal in Dobbs Ferry on Thursdays and Saturdays in the afternoon.  So, there are lots of places where you can find fantastic buys or donate your unused stuff.
        January and February are over with!  Welcome, March!

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