March 16, 2019

Good evening, everybody – Benny and I weren’t at the pantry this past Wednesday, but the other volunteers soldiered on like a well-oiled machine.  They served 29 families, including 52 adults, 39 children and 10 seniors.  They served a total of 104 people on Wednesday.

     The New York Bagel Authority gives us extra bagels every Wednesday morning, picked up by Ellen on her way to the pantry.  And for a long time we’ve been getting day-old bread and rolls from Stop & Shop, picked up by Eileen on her way to the pantry.  We often have bread and/or bagels left over, which we donate to the Days of Wonder Daycare Center, which is right at South Church.  Benny also takes a supply of bagels every Wednesday to the Dobbs Ferry Senior Center.  The Irvington Senior Center is another place that is often happy to take some extra bread, bagels or whatever else we have.  And we also send leftovers to the new Mercy College food pantry.  So, nothing goes to waste.
     Deacon Sharon Brennan arranged with the Preschool at Dobbs Ferry Lutheran to collect diapers for our clients.  She brought them to the pantry on Wednesday, and there were many diapers, all of which were given out on Wednesday.  Many thanks to the Dobbs Ferry Lutheran Preschool!  I know some of our clients’ children attend that preschool, so Dobbs Ferry Lutheran helps in that way also.

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