November 14, 2018

Good afternoon, everybody – today we served a total of 37 families, including 78 adults, 46 children and 11 seniors.  We served 135 people today.

A sensei from Edge Martial Arts at 145 Palisade Street in Dobbs Ferry came today with a large number of bags of food from children who are students at his martial arts studio.  Each bag had different foods in it, and each bag had a personal note in it.  Before the pantry was over we had given out all the bags of food.  What a thoughtful thing to do right at the holidays.  We hadn’t been aware that there was a martial arts studio at 145 Palisade, but now we’re well aware of them and how caring and concerned they are.
As they do every week, Westchester Milk delivered a case of milk to us this morning, but in addition, they included two turkeys!  They’ve brought a lot of different foods in addition to milk.  Two happy clients went home with a turkey today.
I got an e-mail from Mary Sherman, the VISTA volunteer who’s spending a year at Mercy College, organizing a food pantry like the one they have at their Bronx campus.  In her e-mail today she said that the food pantry at the Dobbs Ferry campus is up and running.  She asked us to share with them any food we have left over.  It turned out that we had extra bread and bagels left over this morning.  I texted Mary and she immediately sent a student over to pick up the bagels.  Maybe we’ll be able to help each other out from now on!
Another generous group is the Ardsley United Methodist Women.  Their President, Judy Whelan, dropped in this morning and delivered a large number of Stop & Shop gift cards for our clients.  We’ll give them out next week.  Everybody at Ardsley Methodist is wonderful, but especially the AUMC women.  And don’t forget, they have a new thrift shop, which is open on Thursdays.  Zion Episcopal also has a thrift shop on Thursdays, and I understand that they’re both very popular.  We have plenty of places to buy things at reasonable prices, and to donate things, too.



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