November 21, 2018

Good evening, everybody – today we served a total of 43 families, including 79 adults, 49 children and 19 seniors.  We served 190 people today.

Today we were visited by the three-year-old class of the Days of Wonder daycare center, which is right in our building.  They presented us with a beautiful box which contained everything you could need for a Thanksgiving celebration – including a turkey!  I’m enclosing a photo of the children presenting us with this Thanksgiving gift.  They’re adorable!  We raffled off the box, and one of our clients went home with the entire fixings for tomorrow’s dinner.
Jen Cadenhead, our resident nutritionist, did a focus group a couple of weeks ago with some of our clients.  She then wrote up four pages of feedback from our clients for us to think about and talk about.  One thing she suggested was for us to look for ways for the clients to be more involved in the actual planning and running of the pantry.  Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?  Don’t know why we never thought of it before.  Anyway, we’ll be mulling these notes over in the near future.  Thank you, Jen!
This morning before any of us had arrived, a man came and left an entire box of canned and bottled foods for us.  It turned out that absolutely everything in the box had expired a long time ago.  And to think that he went to all that trouble of loading it into a box and bringing it to us.  We have no idea who he was, so we can’t warn him about this, or even give it back to him to dispose of.  Now it’s up to us to get rid of the food.  I know everybody on this list checks for expiration dates before donating food to us, but a lot of people out there have no idea that we can’t use what they donate to us.  Please, everybody, tell your friends to check dates before bringing food to us.  Let’s spread the word!
May everybody have a great holiday tomorrow.  And thanks from us to you!

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