November 9, 2018

Good afternoon, everybody – last Wednesday we served a total of 34 families, including 59 adults, 43 children and 18 seniors.  We served a total of 120 people on Wednesday.

Benny, Ellen and I had a wonderful time representing the pantry last Sunday at the Irvington Farmers’ Market.  The weather was perfect, and everybody was in a good mood.  People were generous with their donations into our cash donation basket, and one woman brought shelf-stable food as well.  People who didn’t know about us accepted brochures as well.
A student from the Masters School left me a message that the students have collected food for us for Thanksgiving.  They’re planning to deliver the food next week.  We appreciate everyone’s concern for us at the holidays.
I attended a fascinating discussion about bees at the Dobbs Ferry Woman’s Club on Monday.  Lo and behold, they had collected several bags of food for us, and one woman made a cash donation as well.  I just happened to be in the right place at the right time, plus I learned a lot about bees (colony collapse disorder is still a big concern).
Expressive arts therapist Stephanie Buck has been with us every Wednesday for several weeks now, and people are beginning to seek her out.  Instead of sitting and waiting to be called to pick out their food, they’re meeting with Stephanie in order to write and draw.  When it’s their turn to choose their food, we come and get them.  Hope Stephanie can continue this for a long, long time.
We were contacted by Feeding Westchester, letting us know they’ve heard from NY State of Health.  They’d like to send a trained staff person to each pantry in November or December, set up a table, and discuss possible free or low-cost health insurance with our clients.  Monique McCoy from Feeding Westchester says staff from NY State of Health did this last year and they were able to connect with people who qualified for health insurance and didn’t know it.   We’re waiting to be contacted by them, and we’ll be glad to cooperate.
We so appreciate the donations, both cash and food, that people have made to us recently.  Please don’t forget about us in January.


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