September 1, 2021

September One and despite rain, heavy at times, the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry served 98 families this week, representing 327 people including 38 deliveries. That’s 60 families who needed to stand in the rain for the shelf-stable food, fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, milk, cheese and cereal to put sufficient healthy food on the table.

Paradoxically, the previous week was our second highest turnout on record – so the need remains and is likely to remain for some time to come.

* * *

We turn again now to tip our collective hats to those supporters who continue to come through with donations of food and dollars time and again:

Diane and Ed Steinberg regularly leave donations of things we frequently are in most need of, e.g., tomato sauce.
Mom’s Organic, located at Newtown Square along the Saw Mill River Parkway, continues to supply us with the best in healthy dairy products on a regular basis.
Michelle Peluso regularly answers the bell when co-director Vera Halpenny sends up the flare for diapers and wipes.
And we’d like to thank Dobbs Ferry Historical Society anchors Larry and Peggie Blizard for a very generous donation to the Food Pantry on the last night of the Jazz Forum at Riverfront Park.

For those of you working for large companies, you might want to enquire whether your firm participates in matched funding for contributions you make to the Food Pantry.

* * *

Good news arrived from our good friends at Stop ‘n Shop: The Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry has been selected for the month of October 2021 to receive a $1 donation for every $10.99 “Bloomin’ 4 Good” Bouquet with the red circle sticker sold at our local store here on Broadway and Cedar.

* * *

Items most needed this week: canned vegetables and canned fruit

We have a bin for non-perishable donations to the left of the double church doors with the mail slot.

This week’s newsletter written by our very own MacGyver, Duke Coffey.

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