June 1, 2020

Good afternoon, everybody – This past Wednesday the volunteers served another record number of clients – 124 families, including 245 adults, 176 children and 36 seniors, for a total of 457 people served.  In the month of May we averaged 117 families and 438 people per week.  Back in January we were averaging 42 families and 153 people per week.  That’s a huge increase, and we continue to give gift cards to every local family along with prepackaged food.  The gift card gives them a chance to go to Stop & Shop and choose whatever food they want after seeing what’s in the prepackaged bag or box.  That’s the only way we can stick to our goal of allowing clients to have some choice over what food they want.  We’ll keep it up as long as we can.

          I got an email from a woman who wants to have a distance block party and ask every family to bring food for the pantry.  That’s a wonderful idea.  Every week we receive food from Feeding Westchester, but then we add to the bag or box of food from our pantry that we know our clients will need.  So, we need food as well as monetary donations.  If anybody is thinking of donating food to us, here is a list of what we need this week:
                                  Canned green vegetables
                                  Canned fruit
                                  Canned tomatoes
                                  Pasta sauce
                                  Individual juice packs
                                  Size 6 diapers
          There’s also a Dobbs Ferry teen who plans to do a fundraiser for the pantry as part of what’s required for an IB diploma.  What a great thing!  It helps him and it helps us.  Not sure what fundraiser he has in mind, but everything helps.
          This week, in addition to their food and gift card, clients went home with prepared food from Harper’s/On The Line and soup and bread from MadeByRK.  Thanks so much for these donors.  They go to a lot of work so that our clients can be well-fed.
          Hope everybody can get outside and enjoy this summer-y weather.  The virus hates fresh air and sun.

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