December 5, 2019

Good afternoon, everybody – yesterday we served 33 families with 62 adults, 35 children and 20 seniors for a total of 117 people.  In the month of November we averaged 40 families and 153 people a week.

          We received a huge donation of food from Cabrini of Westchester, and two very kind Cabrini employees plus our strongest volunteers carried it all upstairs to a room since there was no space downstairs.
          Several bags and boxes of food from Cabrini are waiting for a troop of Irvington Cub Scouts to come on a Saturday or Sunday in the near future to organize all the food, check for expiration dates and put it all on shelves upstairs for us to bring down in bits and pieces as we need it.  The leaders want us to educate the boys about hunger in general and the importance of pantries and soup kitchens, which we will be glad to do.
          Last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, our volunteers gave out 45 pies, both pumpkin and apple, made by the South Church teen group.  And one of the teens even came to help out at the pantry that day.  South Church has a great teen group and a very active Faith and Justice Lab for all the children, from early childhood to teen.  The younger children have been collecting food for us every Sunday for the last few weeks, and after church this Sunday the children will gather the food and stock the shelves of the pantry.  This is how the children at South Church are coming to understand that there really is hunger and need in the Rivertowns.


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