December 1, 2019

Good evening, everybody – I wasn’t at the pantry last Wednesday, but our other volunteers soldiered on both morning and evening, despite whatever holiday preparations they were involved in.  Thanks so much to all of our volunteers, many of whom have kept this pantry going for the last six years.  This past Wednesday in the morning they served 40 families consisting of 75 adults, 59 children and 11 seniors, for a total of 151 people.  Then in the evening three stalwart volunteers served another 8 families with 16 adults, 14 children and 5 seniors, adding up to 35 people.  This brought us to a total of 48 families, 91 adults, 73 children and 16 seniors.  They served 186 people last Wednesday.

          The volunteers gave out the last of our Stop & Shop gift cards, which we give in lieu of a turkey, since not everybody wants turkey.  We did end up with three donated turkeys, which we gave as prizes on Wednesday.
          I hope everybody stayed safe and warm on Thanksgiving, and I hope everybody is safe and warm as I write this, when the weather’s terrible outside.

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