April 18, 2019

Good morning, everyone – yesterday we served 40 families, including 74 adults, 42 children and 19 seniors, for a total of 141 people

     We gave holiday gift cards to the clients so that they could use the cards for whatever they needed, and we gave out spring-y tote bags too.  In addition, during the pantry Roberta Bennett from the Dobbs Ferry Woman’s Club arrived with two hams as well as a check.  The hams were taken immediately.  We were also gifted with twelve bags of food plus some cash from Ardsley United Methodist.  We’re eternally grateful that the churches and organizations around here take care of us regularly, without our even having to ask.
     There was supposed to be a food drive sponsored by Feeding Westchester and NBC channels 4 and 47 this past Saturday.  We had hoped to be able to participate at the Dobbs Ferry Stop & Shop but it seems another pantry signed up before us.  I dropped over anyway to see how things were going and was surprised that nothing was going on.  It turned out that the whole thing was postponed due to the strike at Stop & Shop stores in Connecticut.  I let Feeding Westchester know that if that other pantry can’t participate on the rescheduled date, the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry will step right in.
     I received an unexpected phone call from Joy Haber, legislative assistant to MaryJane Shimsky.  She said there had been a hunger-related fund drive among legislators a couple of months ago, and that MaryJane has a check for us.  They had sent us a letter about it in March, but I don’t know what happened to that letter.  I was delighted to hear about it, and we arranged for MaryJane to bring the check to the pantry on Wednesday, May 1, to present us with the check with the clients looking on.  Joy will be with her also.  We’re excited for MaryJane to visit us while the pantry is going on.
     Happy Easter and Passover, everyone.

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