April 10, 2019

Good afternoon, everybody – today we served a total of 35 families, including 64 adults, 40 children and 15 seniors.  We served 119 people today.

     On Sunday, May 19 there will be a concert at Temple Beth Shalom, 740 North Broadway in Hastings at 3:00 p.m. to benefit the Midnight Run.  There will be a number of outstanding musicians performing that afternoon, so mark it on your calendars so that you can help the Midnight Run.  For people who haven’t heard of the Midnight Run, it’s an organization of volunteers who take food and clothing to the homeless in New York City.  It’s made up of many churches, synagogues, schools and other organizations, who travel to the city in vans in the middle of the night to find homeless people as they sleep in parks, on steps, etc.  The benefit will provide funds to buy clothing for homeless people, including socks and underwear.  If you have clothing to donate (mostly men’s clothing) you can drop it off at the Midnight Run storefront at 97 Main St. in Dobbs Ferry.
     Next Wednesday we’ll be giving out gift cards to our clients, together with colorful tote bags.  They’ll be taking home less food because the roof over South Church’s Fellowship Hall is being repaired, which means for that week we can’t gain access to our cabinets.  Hopefully the clients will be happy with fresh produce from our monthly allotment from Feeding Westchester, what we can give them from the front pantry and other storage areas plus their gift cards.  And they’ll be able to do their art projects with our volunteer art therapist, Stephanie Buck.

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