January 9, 2019

Good afternoon, everybody – today we served a total of 24 families, including 47 adults, 42 children and 6 seniors.  We served 97 people today.

I placed an order today for a share of the CSA from Fable Farms in Ossining for the pantry.  We bought a share last summer, and Tom, the farmer, donated another share to us, plus we received a third share from the coordinator, who donated her share to us. Tom also always gave us whatever was left over after the delivery on Sunday mornings, so we had plenty of fresh produce for our clients.  If anybody on this list is interested in learning more about Fable, their website is www.fablefoods.com.  It’s amazing that there’s an actual farm in suburban Ossining.
One of our clients volunteers at another food pantry in Yonkers once a month.  A couple of days ago that pantry had a lot of produce left over, and they planned to throw it out.  Our client protested, and instead brought home enough produce that she was able to give some to all the people at her church, some to all her neighbors, and she still had enough left over that she gave a huge supply to us.  We ended up giving lots of produce to our clients, thanks to one of our clients!  We’re going to coordinate with her every second Monday to see what she can bring to us, so nothing goes to waste.  She also took the e-mail address of the Mercy College food pantry (MAV Market), and she’ll see if she can supply them with some fruits and vegetables as well.  So,nothing goes to waste.
We’ve been dropping food off at Cabrini Immigrant Services for a family so new to the country that they were anxious about coming in person to get food at the pantry.  Our volunteer, Andrew, suggested to the staff at Cabrini every week that they encourage the family to gather up their courage and come in person to pick up some food.  Today Lorraine, the director of Cabrini, called to say that the family will be coming to the pantry starting next week!  We’ll welcome them and make sure they feel safe to come every week.
We’re wondering if anybody who has been furloughed by the federal government will arrive at the pantry for some food.  We’ll be glad to help until they’re receiving a paycheck again.

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