January 3, 2019

Good evening, everybody – yesterday we served a total of 20 families, including 38 adults, 23 children and 8 seniors.  We served a total of 69 people yesterday.

We’ll be ordering a CSA (community-supported agriculture) share again this year.  It’s from FABLE in Ossining, which was the same farm as last summer.  It will last for twenty weeks, beginning in late May or early June.   Last year the farmer donated an extra share to us, so let’s hope he can do the same this year.  Plus we hang around until the CSA is finished on a Sunday morning and he gives us all the leftovers.  When our pantry started out, we offered only canned fruits and vegetables.  Now our clients are used to fresh produce, and they look forward to it every week.
Our volunteers Benny and Mary Anne will be talking to the Greenburgh Town Board about the pantry – what we do and how we do it.  This was Paul Feiner’s idea, just so more people will know about the pantry.  They’ll hand out brochures and answer whatever questions people have.  Thanks to both of you for doing this.
Benny, Marc and I will also be talking about the pantry and Roots & Wings at Woodlands Community Temple on January 21, when their Social Action Committee is having a pancake breakfast with funds going to the pantry.  Roberta Roos, who’s chairing the event, wants people to be thinking about what more they can do to encourage social justice throughout the community.  We’re lucky Woodlands is in our community because their commitment to reaching out to everybody around them is inspiring to all of us.
This month the Kids Can campaign at Springhurst will be doing another food drive for us.  We received many food donations around the holidays, but in January and February our edible and monetary donations fall off a little, so we need the caring and support of the parents, teachers and kids at Springhurst.  And of the people on this list as well!
Hope everybody had a safe and exciting and/or restful New Year’s.

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