December 13, 2018

Good evening, everybody – yesterday we served a total of 35 families, including 67 adults, 51 children and 11 seniors.  We served 129 people yesterday.

Art therapist Stephanie Buck continues to visit the pantry every Wednesday, and more and more clients are beginning to enjoy the projects and art supplies she offers.  Yesterday clients were decorating little straw wreaths.  A couple of the clients looked for a place to hang the wreaths somewhere at the pantry, but everyone ended up taking them home.  While working on the wreaths the clients got a chance to talk about the holidays in their countries of origin and what memories the holidays bring up.  Thank you, Stephanie.
Volunteer Marc Taiano brought in a suggestion box, which we put where the clients sit and wait for their turn.  If anybody has an idea for a change or an improvement to the way we run the pantry, now they have an opportunity to have some input.
Last week we asked the clients for a list of their favorite fruits and vegetables.  This week Ellen followed that list when ordering the produce we offered for the clients to take home.
Once a month we receive a huge supply of produce from Feeding Westchester.  Ellen drives to Feeding Westchester in her van, and the Feeding Westchester staff packs all the produce into the back of the car.  She then drives to South Church, where hopefully some strong volunteers are waiting in order to unload all that produce, carry it into the church and put it all away.  This time we asked for volunteers from the clients, and three people said they’d be at church this coming Tuesday to help with putting away the produce.  Thank you, clients.
Elizabeth Hobson, director of the Dobbs Ferry Library, contacted us to say that the bin we keep at the library was overflowing, so she moved all the food into her office.  Benny picked it all up today, and we deeply appreciate the caring of the library patrons, plus the caring of Elizabeth for keeping the food in her office for us.
We continue dropping food off every week at Cabrini Immigrant Services for a family who recently arrived in this country and doesn’t feel ready to come directly to the pantry.  We’re looking forward to the day they walk through the door so that they can actually choose the food they want and we can meet them.

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