December 5, 2018

Good evening, everybody – today we served a total of 26 families, including 50 adults, 40 children and 9 seniors.  We served 99 people today.

Irvington Boy Scout Troop 55 did a wonderful and highly successful food drive for us this past Saturday at Stop & Shop under the leadership of Heidi van Osdol and Jean Van der Spuy.  Who can resist a Boy Scout?  We stored everything upstairs in a storage room, and the boys were able to run up and down the stairs with bag after bag of food.  We started giving out the food and diapers today, and we’ll have some for several weeks to come.  Thanks to the boys as well as their leaders and parents – plus the customers themselves, who turned out to be concerned and generous.
Don’t let that stop anyone on this list from continuing to donate, though.  The need continues, and we always need monetary contributions as well as food and diapers.
We’ve been in touch with the food pantry at Mercy College, known as the Mav Market, and it’s up and running.  Twice now we’ve had food left over at noon, and we call Mary Sherman, the director, and she sends someone over to pick up the food.  Today we had bagels, oranges and bananas for them.  They’re doing a very important job over there at Mercy.  I know there are students who are just scraping by, trying to pay for college as well as eat.
Today we followed up on one of Jen Cadenhead’s suggestions for how to involve the clients more in how we run the pantry.  The clients agreed on a list of fruits and vegetables they would most like us to order when we order from Peapod.  We may not always be able to order what they want, but at least we know what they like.  Thanks, Jen.
Our resident art therapist, Stephanie Buck, has been coming regularly for several weeks, and the clients have started seeking her out.  There are several clients who spend time with her every week working on art projects and talking about what they’re creating and what it brings up for them.


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