March 15, 2018

Good evening, everybody.  Since Benny and I weren’t at the pantry yesterday, here is Ellen’s e-mail, reporting what went on.  A special thanks to Carol Seischab for collecting the food donations from the bin at the Dobbs Ferry Library and bringing them to the pantry yesterday.  Carol talked to Elizabeth Hobson, the new director of the library, who seems interested in advocating for the pantry.  I’ll drop in to chat with her soon.

Ellen’s attempt at a chatty email:

Today Lyn, Andrew, Mary Anne, Tricia, Kevin, Tom and Ellen served 77 people across 22 families, with a welcome assist from Lyn’s visiting friend Ann and Mary Anne’s visiting twin Ruth. When we opened, our larders were chock-full after recent food drives and community donations, and we were able to supplement our shelf-stable items with frozen foods (meat, fish and blueberries), as well as fresh produce delivered this morning by Peapod. Since January we (that is, Molly and Benny) had been interviewing clients to reconfirm household composition, and today we started our efforts to provide more to larger families. We will implement this slowly, beginning just with pasta and beans as we work out the logistics of purchasing and storing the quantities required. As the clock struck noon, our pasta and black bean shelves were pretty bare – and wouldn’t you know, just then someone came from Woodlands Community Temple with… you guessed it, mostly pasta and beans!

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