March 8, 2018

Good evening, everybody – Yesterday, for the second time this year, we closed the pantry due to stormy weather.  We worry about people slipping and falling while trying to carry home bags of food.  Will winter ever end??


Last Wednesday, after the pantry was finished, we took Lyn out to lunch to celebrate her birthday.  We volunteers need to party once in a while to celebrate all the work we do together!
Our subcommittee will be meeting this Friday in order to solidify our plans to begin to offer varied amounts of food, depending on the size of the families.  This is done in most of the other pantries in Westchester County.  We have some families with eight people in the family, and other families where there are only two or three.  And we have single people also.  It means spending extra funds in order to have food available to those larger families, but that is part of our mission, and we’re determined to do it.
I’ll be at the Food Bank for Westchester this coming Tuesday to meet the incoming Agency Relations Manager.  These events at the Food Bank are worthwhile because it gives us a chance to meet and mingle with people from the other food pantries in the country and learn how they’re doing things.  The people who run these pantries are a warm-hearted lot, and I’ve learned a lot by visiting them while they’re running their pantries.
I hope everybody on this list is okay despite the two storms we’ve gone through in Westchester County.  Many people have lost power, and some are staying with friends or at hotels.  Good luck to everybody, and let’s look forward to spring.  Clocks go forward this weekend!


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