February 15, 2018

Good evening, everybody – Yesterday we served a total of 21 families, including 37 adults, 31 children and 6 seniors.

This past Monday was the memorial service at Sacred Heart Church in Dobbs Ferry for Meg Lauer.  I missed the service, but Lyn and I got to the reception afterwards and it was packed with people who wanted to share their memories of Meg.  We got to meet her husband and two daughters.  The Lauers had been gone from Dobbs Ferry for several years, but Meg somehow managed to stay in touch with everybody, so having a memorial service in Dobbs Ferry was an opportunity for everybody to get together again to talk about the Lauers’ life here.  And the pantry has received many donations, from PayPal and by check, from people who wanted to honor the organizations she supported.
By the way, if anybody on this list wants to send us a check (which would be much appreciated), make sure you make the check out to South Presbyterian Church, and put “pantry” in the memo line.
This past Friday a group of us pantry volunteers got together at Lyn’s house for a potluck where we went over the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) manual.  Everybody who buys food from the Food Bank has to be familiar with this manual, which talks mostly about discrimination and how to report a complaint about our pantry to the USDA.  I can’t imagine it happening, but we’re all trained in how not to discriminate.  The only concern we came up with was what to do if someone comes to the pantry who speaks a language we don’t understand.  We still won’t discriminate.  We’ll try as hard as we can to help them and give them some food.

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