February 7, 2018

Good afternoon, everyone – This morning, for only the second time since the pantry’s inception, we decided not to open the pantry.  We were worried that someone would slip and fall.

This past Saturday was a banner day for the food pantry.  The Dobbs Ferry High School football team did a food drive for us at Stop & Shop.  They’ve done this for us before, and it’s always a huge success.  It happened again this time.  The boys made several big deliveries of food to the church as the day wore on, and our volunteer Tom also brought tons of food in his car.  It’s all sitting upstairs in the office we use for storage, and we’ll start giving the food out next Wednesday.  Nobody can resist the charm of those boys.  Mothers Anilla Cherian and Patty Straub were there the whole day with the boys and came with them to deliver the food to the church.  Thanks so much to the entire team, and everybody who helped Anilla and Patty make this into such a success!
This Friday we volunteers will be gathering to go over the USDA Manual, which must be read by all volunteers who come into contact with our clients.  It talks mostly about the importance of not discriminating.  I’ve added language to our brochure and our website reflecting just that.  We would never discriminate against anybody, whether we’ve read the manual or not, but if we want to stay in the good graces of the Food Bank for Westchester, we’ll make sure we’ve all gone over it.
We’ve received many donations in memory of our beloved Meg Lauer.  There will be a funeral service for her here in Dobbs Ferry as well.  Anybody who wants to go can check her Caringbridge page for the details.  We volunteers from the Food Pantry will definitely attend.
Stay warm and cozy, everybody.  April, come she will.

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