December 6, 2017

Hello, everybody – today we served a total of 22 families, including 34 adults, 27 children and 7 seniors.

December 15 will be a big day for us.  In the afternoon we’ll be receiving a donation of food collected by the 5th-through-8th-grade classes at the Masters School.  They’ll just carry it right down Clinton Avenue, into the church and up the stairs to our storage area.  It will be much easier for the students to do it than us volunteers with our bad backs, shoulders, etc.  Then, in the evening, the South Church Youth Group will come and sort all the food for us (with us supervising, of course) and carry down as much as possible to put on the shelves, ready for the next pantry day.  The Masters students and the Youth Group will make life much easier for us volunteers.
In January we’ll be visited by the Food Bank for Westchester.  Since we’re affiliated with them, they come to inspect our facilities every eighteen months.  They want to make sure the refrigerators and freezer are cold enough, food is stored at least six inches off the floor, etc.  We’re proud of how we maintain the pantry, so we’re looking forward to it.
Over the last two weeks we’ve received donated food from Woodlands Community Temple in Greenburgh.  A wonderful woman named Val drove it over in her car.  Woodlands is a temple that is very concerned about the wellbeing of the community, and they have a finger in many pies.  Rabbi Billy Dreskin is the heart and soul of that temple, which is why it’s so caring and committed.
Sometimes the holidays can be stressful.  Try and relax.  Breathe.  (Am I talking to myself??)

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