December 1, 2017

Good morning, everyone – Wednesday in the morning we served a total of 24 families, including 35 adults, 29 children and 10 seniors.  In the evening Benny, Andrew and I served another 12 families with 27 adults, 20 children and 3 seniors.  This brought us to a total for the day of 36 families with 62 adults, 49 children and 13 seniors.  We averaged 34 families a week in November.

We were able to give out frozen hams to three clients who came in the evening, thanks to the Hudson Social food drive.  We’ll stay in touch with Hudson Social, and maybe this can happen again.
While we were in the middle of giving out food at the pantry, two employees from Cabrini Nursing Home arrived with a huge amount of food for us, which they patiently carried upstairs to the office we use for storage.  They had to make two trips, plus they brought a huge case of toilet paper, much of which has already been given out.  And they delivered an envelope full of cash and gift cards.  The employees of Cabrini deserve a collective hug.  We can, and will, use everything they’ve sent us.
That office upstairs is getting crowded with the food that’s been donated.  This happens during the holidays, then we draw on the food for months afterwards.  The South Church youth group will be helping us to sort the food.  The real organizers, though, are Carol and Eileen.  A hug to both of you – or maybe a fist bump, since it’s flu season.
Two of the four mothers for whom I picked up diapers in Yonkers in November brought me applications they had filled out for December, which I scanned and e-mailed to Wendy Armstrong, the director of the program.  Those mothers will go on their own to the Department of Social Services in Yonkers on December 16 to pick up their diapers and fill out an application for the next month.  Then they’ll be on their own and I’ll be out of the picture.  The other two mothers had forgotten their applications but said they’d go to Yonkers themselves to fill out and submit the forms.  I’m so glad the Junior League came up with this program in conjunction with Social Services.
We’ll be giving out Stop & Shop gift cards to our clients again for Christmas, together with decorated tote bags and candy canes or something.  Then everything will quiet down in January.  Don’t forget to keep those donations – both financial and edible – coming after the first of the year.

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