October 4, 2017

Good evening, everyone – today we served a total of 30 families, including 48 adults, 38 children and 9 seniors.
Today we received our first delivery of donated milk from Westchester Milk (www.westchestermilk.com).  They’re a home delivery company, just like in the old days.  And Matt, the company owner, says they’ll be dropping off a couple of cases of milk every week to us.  What a great company!  I didn’t know they existed until Paul Feiner put us in touch.  Thanks Paul and thanks Westchester Milk.
I’m starting to put posters in store windows, advertising our fundraiser at Sam’s Restaurant (128 Main Street in Dobbs Ferry) on Wednesday, October 18.  Look on our website (www.dobbsferrypantry.org) and you’ll see the poster.  Hope to see everybody on this list there that day, or at the take-out counter.
We were contacted by the home health aid for a disabled elderly woman in Dobbs Ferry.  She learned about the pantry through my husband, who eats lunch at the Dobbs Ferry Senior Center and talks about the pantry all the time.  Benny will take some food to the Senior Center every Wednesday and the aid can pick it up and take it to this hungry woman.

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