September 28, 2017

Good afternoon, everybody – Yesterday in the morning we served a total of 21 families with 31 adults, 26 children and 6 seniors.  Then in the evening Benny and I served another 14 families including 27 adults, 20 children and 3 seniors, bringing us to a total of 35 families yesterday, with 58 adults, 46 children and 9 seniors.  We averaged 26 families a week in September.

I got an e-mail from a woman who attends South Church and works at Mercy College.  She told me that Mercy opened a food pantry at the college for students in need.  She said they would like to partner with us somehow.  Maybe we can at least give them some extra food.  I e-mailed her back and asked her to have them get in touch.  Let’s see what we work out.

I confirmed with Maurice, the chef and owner of Sam’s Restaurant in Dobbs Ferry, that we’ll have a fundraiser at the restaurant on Wednesday, October 18.  Mark that date on your calendars and plan on eating at Sam’s that day or ordering take-out.  We’ll get 15% of everything you eat or drink.  Graphic artist Nancy Delmerico is designing a poster we’ll be putting in store windows so everyone will know about it.

Three pantry clients have filled out forms to apply to the Junior League’s Diaper Bank.  I called Wendy Armstrong, the director of the program.  She’s on vacation but we’ll meet when she gets back and figure out how to help these mothers get some diapers.  If anybody on this list can donate some diapers and/or wipes (all sizes) it would be wonderful.

A Springhurst mother by the name of Nola Long contacted me and said that she and Sharon Van Enngen, plus many other volunteers, are continuing with the Kids Can program at Springhurst.  This is a program whereby families send shelf-stable food, toiletries and cleaning products to Springhurst for the pantry.  Several mothers at Springhurst collect everything and deliver it to us three times a year.  She said the first delivery will be in October.  The Kids Can program, which has been sponsored by Spring Community Partners, has been so valuable to us at the pantry in the past.  The families have donated generously and we’ve been overwhelmed with gratitude to Spring Community Partners and Springhurst for doing all this hard work for us.  And it is hard work to do all this organizing and delivering!

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