September 13, 2017

Good afternoon, everyone – Today we served a total of 25 families, with 43 adults, 29 children and 6 seniors.
This past Monday I was at a diaper-packing event at the Westchester County Center, sponsored by Volunteer New York and the Junior League’s Diaper Bank.  I met a wonderful woman by the name of Wendy Armstrong, who’s the Junior League’s Diaper Bank Director.  I was hoping we could get our hands on some diapers for our food pantry mothers.  In the past the mothers have had to register at the Department of Social Services in Yonkers or White Plains, which scared many of them off.  At this point she told me to download the applications from the Junior League’s website, help the mothers fill them out, and then contact her so we can arrange some way for one of us volunteers to pick up some diapers directly from the Junior League’s office.  Maybe we can finally be helpful to the mothers in this way.
If anybody’s around this coming Sunday, September 17, there’s a potluck at the Roots & Wings garden at 4:30.  Benny and I will be there, and it would be great to see some of the people on this list at the gathering.  It’s a great chance to admire the garden and all the work they’ve done, plus meet the gardeners.  If you’d like to come just RSVP to Gabriela Munoz at
We’re continuing our contact with the elderly couple at Children’s Village, and we’re also providing food for a mother who just started working but is desperate for food for herself and her son.  Ellen left shelf-stable food (plus some fish packed in ice) on her porch and the mother came and picked it up after the pantry had closed.  We’ll keep it up as long as she needs this.
We received a donation of beautiful men’s clothes from one of the proprietors of Rochambeau Wines.  We’ve mostly concentrated on children’s clothing, but when we’ve received adult clothing it seems to be eagerly accepted, so we’ll give that out also.  Some of our Latino clients send clothing to impoverished relatives in their home countries in Latin America, so the pantry has quite a reach.

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