September 6, 2017

Good evening, everybody – Today we served only 12 families, including 16 adults, 14 children and 7 seniors.

It’s a shame that so few people came, because we’re going ahead with our plan of giving out meat, fish or poultry on the first Wednesday of the month, and this morning twelve lucky families went home with frozen fish.

We also had eggs!  A couple in Ardsley who frequently donate food to us read my blog on the website in which I talked about our plan to offer eggs.  They went out and bought several dozen eggs and left them in the refrigerator at church, so we gave those out also.

Plus, Giuliana Urrelo of the Westchester Hispanic Coalition was there to give out flyers about a meeting tonight about the DACA program and another meeting on September 26 about domestic violence.

I took food over to the homebound couple I mentioned in last week’s blog.  Their nephew was there and he said he has signed them up for meals on wheels also.  We at the pantry will still stay in touch with them, though, to see what else they need in addition to meals on wheels.

We’re starting to plan our fall fundraiser.  A group of us volunteers went out to lunch at Sam’s Restaurant to celebrate summer birthdays and I talked to Maurice, the owner.  He agreed for us to have a fundraiser at Sam’s in October, so keep an eye out for the exact date and plan to eat out that night instead of cooking at home.  Or order a pizza.  We’ll get a portion of whatever is spent that night.

Last Friday I attended a workshop at the Food Bank entitled “Member Agency Basics”.  Only one other pantry was represented, although ten had signed up.  So we got a lot of individual attention.  It seems that the Food Bank wants pantries to do more than just give out food.  They want us to help clients in other ways.  I was proud to tell them that we also offer clothing, and we have a relationship with the Westchester Hispanic Coalition, whose representatives advise our clients on everything from domestic violence to immigration issues to employment and housing opportunities.  So we’ve grown over the years in what we offer to our clients.

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