May 3, 2017

Good afternoon, everybody – today we served a total of 23 families, including 39 adults, 25 children and 6 seniors.
This week we received a check from the Church of St. Barnabas in Irvington in response to our application for a grant from them.  St. Barnabas is one of the most generous churches we have worked with, and they gave us the amount we requested.  Since we pay no rent or utilities at South Church, the money will all go for food to feed the hungry people in the Rivertowns and Greenburgh.  Grants like we have received from St. Barnabas in Irvington are what keeps us going from year to year.  The grant they gave us is from proceeds from their annual clothing sale in November, so let’s all plan on shopping for clothes at St. Barnabas next November.
We’re also working on an application for a grant from the Food Bank itself.  Instead of sending a check, they’ll give a credit to food pantries and soup kitchens which can be used to purchase food.  They’ve given us grants in the past (and last year they gave us a hand truck that we requested), so let’s hope they help us again this year.
Then, in the fall, we’ll have a restaurant fundraiser like we’ve done in the past at Sam’s Restaurant in Dobbs Ferry.  We may even include another restaurant or two while we’re at it.  This has been a fun and delicious way of raising money so that we can keep buying the food we need for the pantry.
Remember the Share Your Wish organization?  I shared a booth with them last summer at the Irvington Farmers’ market.  It’s run by the Schleifer family in Irvington, and their goal is to teach children that giving is as good as receiving.  They encourage children to request that guests at their birthday parties donate money to a charity instead of buying them a gift.  Today we received a check from the organization in the name of a little boy who chose our pantry for his guests to donate to for his fifth birthday.  Pretty grown-up for a little five-year-old, isn’t it?  We’ll send him a thank-you and also let Share Your Wish know that we appreciate their concept.
We’ve gotten Girl Scout cookies from another Dobbs Ferry girl scout troop, and yet another group is bringing cookies by this coming Friday.  No matter how many cookies we receive, they fly off the shelves like hotcakes.  We routinely offer nutritious foods like brown rice, whole-wheat pasta and fresh produce, but people like a cookie once in a while also.

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