May 3, 2017

I hit “send” a little too quickly before I was able to add that, on top of everything else, the Dobbs Ferry Senior Center gave us a donation not only of an entire bin full of food but also a container of backpacks. Abby Connett, the Director, wasn’t sure who donated those backpacks to the Center, but by the end of this morning’s pantry there was only one left.  At the pantry we’re mostly all about food, but we also offer clothing occasionally and, today, backpacks!  Abby always has the food pantry in mind, and she encourages people to bring shelf-stable food with them when they come for lunch and activities at the Center.
By the way, if any senior citizens read this and are interested in learning more about what goes on at the Dobbs Ferry Senior Center, give them a call at 914-693-7792.  This coming week, May 8 to 12, is Senior Week, when all the meals and activities are free, and it’s a chance to really get to know what goes on.  My husband and I are members, and it’s a nice bunch of people to get to know.  You can also give me a call at 914-522-1154 and I’ll fill you in on everything that happens at the Senior Center.

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