March 23, 2017

Good afternoon, everyone – Yesterday we served a total of 29 families, including 49 adults, 28 children and 6 seniors.

The other day Benny and I picked up two huge bins of food from the Irvington Public Library.  And  our next stop is Greenburgh Town Hall.  Paul Feiner tells us that bin is filling up with food also.  We have food collection bins in three locations:  Dobbs Ferry Library, Irvington Library and Greenburgh Town Hall.  And people are willing to go out of their way to donate to us!

Speaking of Paul Feiner, he interviewed me, Lyn and one of our clients on his radio station a couple of weeks ago, and he told us that there is also a Greenburgh closed-circuit television station.  Lo and behold, this week I was contacted by one of Paul’s interns, inviting us to be interviewed on television.  I wrote back and asked her to send us some possible dates.  Maybe our client will come along again.  Don’t know if everybody can access Greenburgh closed-circuit TV, but I’ll find out.

The Church of St. Barnabas in Irvington is helping us again!  For Easter they’re going to provide us with gift cards or Easter food or something – they’re not sure what yet, but they’re determined to do something for us for Easter.  And then the children are planning to make some kind of project for the clients’ children.  The kindness of St. Barnabas is overflowing.

I also heard from Laurie Wasserman of the Dobbs Ferry Woman’s Club.  They would like to provide us with some canned hams for Easter.  I doubt that we’ll have enough for everybody, but we’ll raffle them off the week before Easter and some clients will have some extra meat on their tables for Easter. It’s going to be a great holiday season for our clients.

One of our clients is a techie!  She’s created a Spanish-speaking Facebook page entitled “Communidad de Dobbs Ferry”, and yesterday she took a picture of us volunteers in the kitchen and she’ll post it on the page with information about the pantry.  This may be very important news for somebody who didn’t know we existed.

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