March 8, 2017

Good afternoon, everybody – Today we served a total of 24 families, including 35 adults, 27 children and 8 seniors.

We’ve submitted our grant application to the Giving Circle of Lower Westchester.  We need the money, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Paul Feiner invited us to place a food-collection bin in the lobby of Greenburgh Town Hall, so a couple of days ago Benny and I went over there and they showed us where to put the bin we brought.  Attached to it was a sign identifying who we are and a list of our most popular foods.  I’ll keep in touch with them, as well as the Irvington Library, once a month or so to see if they have food for us to pick up.

I also visited the Dobbs Ferry Library.  Ned is the new director, and he remembered that the former director, Jeff, used to collect food for the pantry.  He’s going to look for the bin they use, and I dropped off signs like the ones attached to the Greenburgh bin.

I was contacted by a woman who’s a member of the Board of Deacons of Irvington Presbyterian Church.  She said they had done a Crop Walk (a worldwide activity to end universal hunger) last fall.  She said they usually give the money to Grace Episcopal Church in Tarrytown, where there is a huge food pantry, but they decided to share some of the money with us this year.  And she suggested that next fall maybe the Crop Walk could consist of people from both Irvington Presbyterian and South Church.  Irvington Presbyterian is a concerned, socially-involved church, and maybe the two churches can come closer together around hunger.  This donation is on top of the check they sent us following their attic sale, which was extremely generous.

Benny and I have been sprucing up our website (  Check it out.  We’ve starting including this weekly e-mail on the website.

Clocks go forward this weekend, folks.  Spring is coming!

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