Pantry fund raiser at Sam’s restaurant in Dobbs Ferry

Happy diners and doners
Happy diners and doners

A wonderful time was had by all at the Pantry’s first fundraiser this past Wednesday at Sam’s Restaurant in Dobbs Ferry. We had a completely full house, and everyone, in addition to eating, was talking, laughing and meeting new people. There was a great, convivial atmosphere all evening. Plus, the food was delicious and the staff at Sam’s worked like a well-oiled machine.

We’re doing it again this coming Wednesday, June 3. You can either eat at Sam’s or order takeout, both after 5:00 p.m., and the Pantry gets to take 15%, after tax and tip, of whatever anybody spends. Sam’s is already accumulating reservations for that night, so call them at 914-693-2008 and add your name to the list. Or, if you were there last Wednesday, come again! See everybody at Sam’s.

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