This week at the food pantry

Good afternoon, everyone – Last Wednesday morning we served a total of 29 families, including 55 adults, 46 children and 11 seniors. They were served by me, Benny, Carol, Eileen, Ellen and Mary Anne. Then in the evening we served another 12 families (it’s growing!), including 19 adults, 19 children and 3 seniors, who were served by Benny, Eileen, Lyn and Lyn’s daughter, Em (welcome, Em, and thanks for your help). That makes a total of 41 families served, including 74 adults, 65 children and 14 seniors. We averaged 38 families served per week in May.

Last Wednesday was our first opportunity to harvest vegetables and herbs from the Roots & Wings community garden in the back of the church. We were able to give out several heads of lettuce and several types of herbs. Plus clients were encouraged to harvest herbs for themselves in the labyrinth in front – thyme and mint were favorites. Then Lyn, together with one of our clients, gave the labyrinth a good watering.

Wednesday night was our first fundraiser. There was a beautiful turnout of people at Sam’s Restaurant in Dobbs Ferry, enjoying a meal while supporting the pantry. The pantry got 15% (after taxes and tips) of whatever people spent. We don’t know yet how much we made, but it was a very merry evening, and the staff at Sam’s worked really hard. They’re a well-oiled machine. REMEMBER THAT YOU CAN STILL SUPPORT THE PANTRY BY EATING AT SAM’S, OR ORDERING TAKEOUT FROM SAM’S, THIS COMING WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3 AFTER 5:00. WE’LL STILL GET 15% OF WHATEVER YOU SPEND. EVEN IF YOU WERE AT SAM’S THIS PAST WEDNESDAY, COME AGAIN! WHY NOT??

On Wednesday, May 20 we were visited by Pamela Henley of Volunteer New York, which is an organization which may be able to help us with volunteers who can help us with exhausting work like receiving deliveries from the Food Bank. I’m still struggling with logging us in on their website, but will continue to try. Meanwhile, I believe we have a willing group of volunteers for our delivery this coming Monday.

Another wonderful thing that happened last Wednesday was our receipt of a check from Aldersgate Methodist Church in Dobbs Ferry. Thanks so much to you for keeping us in mind. These donations are especially important now, as the school year comes to an end, because the children who qualify for a free or reduced-fee lunch won’t even have that meal to count on.

Haven’t yet heard back from Family Services of Westchester or Ardsley schools, but will keep working on that.

Enjoy the summer weather, everybody and see you Wednesday at Sam’s.

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