Launching At Last!

As of today, September 28, 2014, this website officially became! It’s been a long journey of designing and editing, re-designing and researching. However, it has all paid off! Hopefully this website will now give frequent updates about the food pantry, including upcoming events. I know that whatever we do next, it will help the community as we intended it to.

Over a year ago, I began the process of redoing the food pantry website in order to create something that was more organized and easier to access. Originally, I did it for my silver award- the project that some girl scouts try to complete that entails at least fifty hours of community service towards one goal that benefits the community.It is also the second-highest award a girl scout can receive, second only to a gold award. I would be completing this with minimal adult supervision, without the guidance of any of my peers. But as my work went on, I began to realize that I was serving a greater purpose- families who really needed help. Even as I speak, millions of people in this country face food insecurity- essentially, they do not know where their next meal will come from. Even more live in food deserts- places where nutritious and healthy food is unavailable. Even in Dobbs Ferry, many families struggle with hunger. You might not know it by looking at them on the street. But they are there, and it is because they exist that it is so important that we ease their burden a little more and make the food pantry a viable option for them. I can only hope that my work helps.

Best wishes,

Rebecca Cadenhead.

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