A Day at the Food Pantry

Good evening, everybody – Today we served a total of 40 families, including 71 adults, 68 children and 15 seniors.  They were served by me, Carol, Ellen, Jay and Marilyn.  On September 10, 2013 we served a total of 21 families, including 49 adults, 28 children and 1 senior.

At the beginning of the food pantry today we were visited by Carol’s friend, Ev, from Poland, and two Polish students who are taking a course in American Studies.  They were interested in the how, why and wherefore of a food pantry.  We gave them a description of what we do and why, and handed them each a brochure.  After seeing the food pantry they visited the Roots & Wings garden and headed down to the Midnight Run.  The Lutheran Church also sent more food, which was brought by Carol this morning.
Also just as we were starting, Els dropped in with more homemade soup.  All the broccoli soup was snapped up and we were left with just two of Els’s watermelon-gazpacho soups, which will be offered next week.  We are amazed at your consistent hard work, Els.
On Sunday we received 24 bags from the Dobbs Ferry Lutheran Rally Day activity.  On Rally Day three charities are chosen for donations.  Fortunately for us, we were one of the charities chosen this year.   Each bag contained a bottle of oil, flour, a box of cereal, a box of pasta and a can of tuna.  All the oil, flour and cereal were gone by 12:00 today.  These efforts by local churches and other organizations are invaluable to us and keep us going from week to week.
Nevertheless, we placed an order to the Food Bank for more food.  We ordered beans, a couple of types of juice, several types of cereal, coffee, milk, peanut butter, tuna and oil.   The juice, lentils and coffee were free.


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