April 2023

Spring has finally arrived. The warm weather and new season have come through along with generous contributions to the food pantry’s ongoing efforts. Some exciting things are happening, too: Pantry volunteers are participating in the Rivertowns CROP Hunger Walk (Sunday, April 23 at 2 p.m.), and new T-shirts, printed with the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry logo, are coming soon.

In March, Rev. Margery Rossi of South Presbyterian Church (far left, second row) gathered the women of the pantry’s distribution crew to celebrate International Women’s Day. Pictured here are some of the women who are the hearts, brains,
and collective backbone of the food pantry. A squad of around 10 men, in varying degrees of fitness, does its best to assist without getting in their way.

Pictured above are students from Ms. Fahy’s tenth grade English class at
Dobbs Ferry High School. They did a diaper drive, collecting diapers and delivering them to the pantry, providing these essentials for the young families who come to the pantry.

Thanks to Alisha, a pantry volunteer shown at left, and Rosemary from the Scarsdale Woman’s Club, a longtime donor. Without their efforts, and the efforts of many other women, our pantry simply could not accomplish as much as it does.

Joseph, at left, opted for a food drive instead of gifts on his birthday. He’s shown here with his mom and sister. Joseph, you are truly inspiring! The future
is in good hands.

Also, a special thanks to Dennis from St. Barnabas Church for helping out at
the pantry. 

REMINDER: Please sign up for the Rivertowns CROP Hunger Walk, if you haven’t already! 

Mohan Das, who joined the pantry staff last year, wrote this month’s newsletter.

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