February 2023

The new year started off on a high note—the end-of-year charitable contributions to the pantry were a real boon. Thanks to the first-time donors and especially to all of our faithful, sustaining contributors for their generosity. This will certainly help us balance our budget, a more challenging task with inflation at everyone’s door.

And here’s a welcome addition to our usual offerings: Bombas donated 1,000 pairs of socks! Our neighbors were delighted to get these high quality socks and with so many donated, we shared our wealth with Midnight Run. This nonprofit leads over 1,000 relief missions a year, with volunteers offering clothing, blankets and more to the homeless on New York City streets.

Once again, our community churches, synagogues and clubs made a significant donation last month. We salute Ardsley United Methodist Church, Zion Church, Temple Beth Shalom and The Scarsdale Woman’s Club.

A tip of the hat to Rosemary King and Mary Toomey of The Scarsdale Woman’s Club.

Stop & Shop shoppers also made a huge donation to the pantry, about 24 boxes. Shoppers bought shelf-stable items and placed them in the store’s collection bins. Thank you shoppers, and thanks to Stop & Shop management for supporting our efforts.

Whenever we can make our neighbors’ lives a little bit better, we try to partner with other services. Last month, Verizon representatives came to the pantry while we were distributing food, and offered free internet service as part of a government assistance program for low-income families. Verizon even raffled off a few gift baskets.

Many thanks to the children who help our neighbors. We received donations of Blizzard Boxes, filled with shelf-stable food, from the Shames Jewish Community Center in Tarrytown and Elmwood Day School. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, children decorated the boxes and put a lot of effort in making our neighbors feel loved.

Anthony Blanco and Kate Wasserman of the JCC gather up the Blizzard Boxes to bring to the pantry.

Birrittella’s Pizza Dough of Tarrytown donated 100 bags of dough, and we bought sauce and mozzarella for our clients. A thousand thanks, Birrittella’s! Pantry volunteers Donna Assumma and Robin Larkins, far right, are shown here during their visit to Birrittella’s.

We hope all of you have had a good start to the new year, and that it will be kind to you and your loved ones. We appreciate your support and interest in what we do. I would also like to give a shout-out to Pastor Margery Rossi and the entire congregation of South Presbyterian Church who have given us shelter and support in keeping to the mission the church established over 11 years ago. They too are in need of your support. Look for events and gallery showings to see what might be of interest to you and your family. Together we are stronger.

Still not too late to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

Vera Halpenny, co-director of the pantry, does it all, and wrote this month’s newsletter.

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