September 2022

Hey Neighbors – Autumn’s in the air! Here at the Pantry we love the fall breeze, colorful leaves, and support for our community!

We’re so grateful to Stop & Shop, MOM’S Organic Market, Panera, The Shop Ardsley, and New York Bagel Authority for their wide variety of wonderful donations every week!

A very special thanks goes out to The Scarsdale Woman’s Club, Ardsley Methodist, and our good friend, Gordon from Zion church. These amazing folks help provide food and diapers to so many families.

It’s harvest season and Feeding Westchester, along with gardens from Springhurst and South Church, have presented us with spectacular produce! This bounty of healthy fruits and vegetables have been a joy to distribute to our many neighbors in need.

We were so excited to receive monetary donations this month: Pastor Michael and Elizabeth Lutz presented the Pantry with a truly generous $1,000 on behalf of their son John, and Sue Lutz. Additionally, Jason and Vivienne Gluck have a fabulous event every few weeks: they gather with 15-20 couples for a charity potluck (host picks the charity). This month they donated $600 to the Pantry!

How can you help an average of 100-120 families a month? Non-perishable food items can be left in the donations bin outside South Church Presbyterian, anytime. We are in particular need of size 5 and 6 diapers, baby wipes and pull-ups. Menstrual cycle products are always welcome. And of course, click the donate button!

This month’s newsletter written by Alisha Neumaier, who has become an expert in all things plant-based as our head of Mom’s Organics table.

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