May 2022

It’s hard to believe we are almost halfway through another year of challenges.  Just when we thought COVID was ebbing, another onslaught of infections hit so many, including some of our valuable volunteers. But with adversity, we find we pull together to make sure our neighbors in need continue to benefit from our pantry.  So a huge thank you goes to all of our wonderful team members!

We are seeing an uptick in our numbers, not surprising with inflation hitting hard.  We welcome an average of  5 new families weekly. The pantry continues to rise to the challenge and so appreciates the contributions, big and small, of the many organizations and individuals who support us. This month Scarsdale Woman’s Club generously gave and one club member has now joined our Monday evening preparation of shelf stable goods.  Welcome Mary Toomey!

Another heartfelt contribution came from the Elmwood Day School, where the children raised $118!  It’s so gratifying to see young folks starting out early to be compassionate and caring of others less fortunate than they. Below Benny Rodriquez and Mary Anne Griggs are holding up a class  picture and letter from the first grade ”Lighting Bolts!”

We found ourselves with an abundance of eggs and canned tomatoes last week. Longtime volunteer, Bill, had the creative idea to have a specialty table with a recipe for shakshuka, a North African egg and tomato dish. Bill was able to distribute dozens of eggs and hopefully introduce many clients to a new dish!

At the beginning of summer vacation for our local schools, the pantry will be launching a new program called S.O.S. – School’s Out Supplement. School children will not be getting their daily free lunch that the school normally provides, once vacation starts, so we will be offering a supplemental bag of kid-friendly foods to all of our families with children each week. We are looking for donations of easy to prepare items for kids home alone such as canned soup and pasta, snack foods, juices. Consider hosting a food drive for the pantry, specifically for these items.

Our Post Office held a food drive and we picked up several bags of goods from there.  People thought their poor mail carrier was doing the heavy lift, but there was a truck that went around the neighborhood to do that job.  So next year, we might have a bigger haul if folks knew that!

Again, our very good neighbors from Ardsley United Methodist Church came by with Ken Stahn dropping off a carload of shelf stable goods.  And Gordon from Zion Church made his usual weekly donation. Always great to see him.

Thanks again to Panera, New York Bagel Authority, The Shop for donations of bakery goods-these are a big favorite of our neighbors.  Stop & Shop was there to support us this month as well- Thanks to our favorite manager, Jim.

Items Most Needed: kid-friendly foods (see above), personal hygiene products, household cleaning supplies, low-sugar cereals.

This month’s newsletter written by our Number One, both at the pantry and in our hearts, Vera Halpenny.

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